Our Behavioural training program is the crown jewel of the services we offer. An extensive course which helps your employees define a healthy work culture. Attributes such as Professionalism, Integrity and business relevant concepts such as Attitude towards customers are polished over the tenure of the course. In our behavioural training program, we help employees and organizations improve efficiency & attitude towards work. We equip organizations with different tools to understand issues, innovate & resolve them.

Other aspects of the course touch upon concepts such as work life balance, stress management and working with different personality types, helping employers see a happier work environment. The course also dives into conflict management, probing & solving (TRIZ & TOC), assertiveness, self -confidence & self motivation.

The Vervitude behavioural program gives a complete 360 degree solution in order to create a successful, pleasant and efficient work culture.

Some of the topics:

  • Teamwork
  • Stress management
  • The art of saying No
  • Why is the customer always right?
  • Boss vs Leader
  • Work ethics