How to rank better in Google?

How can I use social media to help my business?

What mediums should I use?

Do I need to spend money on digital marketing?

Can I do it in-house or should I outsource it?

Our first step when it comes to Digital Marketing is to understand who your target audience is. The brilliance of using the digital medium is the power to target your potential customers rather than wasting your efforts on who are not. However, the first step is to know who they are, followed by how to reach them & appeal to them.

Digital Marketing is not only cost efficient but it’s much easier to analyse the effectiveness. Digital Marketing done right will give you amazing results, done wrong, will lead you to a huge waste of time if not a waste of money. There is so much information online about digital marketing it can be overwhelming to understand what would work for your business. Vervitude can help you filter out the noise and help you understand what would work for you and how.

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