Our Mission

Propelled by the fuel of enthusiasm and knowledge, we aim to be the market leader when it comes to Business Consultancies. WE have set our goals and we work towards reaching there every single day. Knowledge is our power tool. It enables us to see and envision what lacks and can be worked around for businesses. Experience and Foresight help us get closer to fulfilling our goals one day at a time.

Our Vision

Our aim is to be a One Stop Solution Team for all your business needs. We all have great ideas, don’t we? At least we think they are great. Vervitude can help you to validate your assumptions, break it down for you, or suggest an alternative. We don’t believe in shooting bullets in the air, hoping it will hit the target. Post our consultation, you will know that we rely on hard facts and data before drawing conclusions and setting the right target range.

Our Philosophy

Vervitude is an organisation with a different approach towards business. Innovation and Reliability set us apart and define our work. Our first step is to consult and understand you and your business needs. We then suggest solutions and alternatives based on it instead of only highlighting the needs for which we can offer our services. Our objective is to identify the REAL need and offer REAL solution.

Meet The Founder


Director at Vervitude


Knowledge is power, yes, but idle knowledge without application is useless. Hence, “ Applied Knowledge is Power.

Loves adventure sports, knowledge sharing, constructive debates to name a few. When not in a suit, likes to kick back with some good music, good brew & friends.

Jay comes from a corporate background of 10+ years which include Fortune 500 companies such as JP Morgan Chase, Dell, TCS & Wipro to name a few and landmark start-ups such as OLA & Housing.com